Not so fishy cakes

February 14, 2012

The daring cooks February 2012 challenge was hosted by Audax and Lis and they chose to present patties for their ease of construction! Ingredients and deliciousness! We were given several recipes! And learned the different types ofbinders and cooking methods to producpour own tasty patties!


Unfortunately some of us can’t remember to take a photo analtered two busy stuffing their face after fast tracking dinner to sit in front of my kitchen rules! I made my salmon patties twice, oncedoor me and a friend for a quick healthy lunch before aiMovie with a nice chickpea salad, and again tonight for me and the boyfriend, who has always held he does not like fish cakes, but obviously does not dislike them enough to know when to tell he’s actually eating them! He’s picky I tell ya. I did tell him what it was after he’d eaten without complaint, he even said his ‘potato cakes’ were ‘quite nice’ .


So I don’thave photos but can tell u the recipe was a woman’s weekly retro classic, minus the dill cream which lookedlovely, but wasn’t in my on hand ingredients, and I had them with mayo or tartare instead. They contained mashed boiled potatoes, skin on and chopped so the skin pieces aren’t too big, crushed garlic,shoppedspring onions, and chives cause I only had two stunted spring onions from hiding under my home grown tomato bush monsters. Then some butter and egg mixed in, andberated Parmesan. Then add some tinned pinksalmon, drained and flaked, salt and pepper and shape and coat in breadcrumbs, lightly fry in a small amount of live oil. They hold better for frying in they are chilled a bit in between but we weregoing to run late for the movie if I didn’t feed us quick. The cakes were yummy fresh off the fry pan and great for sandwiches the next day. I think they weren’t too fiswhich hitch was nice and I think Steve appreciated that….maybe it’s only tuna fish cakes that he doesn’t like. I think they’re more stronger fishy.


Sorry about the lack of photos, I really did eat mine that quickly.