fresh croissants

September 27, 2011

The Daring Bakers go retro this month! Thanks to one of our very talented non-blogging members, Sarah, the Daring Bakers were challenged to make Croissants using a recipe from the Queen of French Cooking, none other than Julia Child!


I used the recipe early and was really excited to make laminated pastry. Unfortunately I was so quick getting the recipe that I got the version where the flour was double what it should have been. The dough was really dry and wouldn’t come together. I perservered with more water, but I was disappointed with the results and that the recipe was wrong in the first place. I didn’t have time to try again with more butter and the right amount of flour 😦 I would like to in the future.


Here’s a pic of the white choc, then candy coated mini toffee apples I made to share at a house warming. And oooch my first sugar burn. Only little tho 🙂


They looked cute and made me happier 🙂