Warm potato bowl

Jami Sorrento was our June Daring Cooks hostess and she chose to challenge us to celebrate the humble spud by making a delicious and healthy potato salad. The Daring Cooks Potato Salad Challenge was sponsored by the nice people at the United States Potato Board, who awarded prizes to the top 3 most creative and healthy potato salads. A medium-size (5.3 ounce) potato has 110 calories, no fat, no cholesterol, no sodium and includes nearly half your daily value of vitamin C and has more potassium than a banana!


The potato salad I made was a vegie medley. I steamed the potatoes in their jackets and tossed the chopped up potatoe pieces with asparagus, radish, and pumpkin that had been saute’d in olive oil with garlic and rosemary. I then wanted to make a creamy emulsion of a vinagrette, using avocado instead of any dairy. I used avocado, salt, pepper, olive oil, mixed italian herbs, a small amount of fetta, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar and mashed it all together in a pestle and mortar.  I then mixed it through the warm potato salad and enjoyed. It had a lovely tang and I will be trying to use avocado to make other creamy sauces like over pasta. Do any of you have any other ideas?


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