D.d.d.delayed Dumplings

Oh no! late with my challange :(.

This is only the second daring cooks challange, and I’ve already managed to mix up the posting dates, and instead of posting on time on the 14th of this month, I’m thinking it’s the 17th! Aghhh! Oh well, I went ahead anyway.

cooked potstickers

cooked potstickers

The recipe was for potstickers, wontons, or asian style dumplings, call them what you will. I love asian dumplings, and have made some to steam using bought wonton skins before. Very time consuming stuffing and pleating the wrappers, but very yummy. Being cold weather I’ve been wanting to make dumplings of all sorts, and it’s a great challange to have to make the dough by hand, and a great oomphf to get and think on some tasty flavours to use.


The dumpling dough was made simply out of plain flour and hot water, mixed to form a dough, rested for a bit, then made into sausages, chopped into small pieces, and rolled into little wonton rounds. I was lazy, and wanted all the dumplings to be the same size for the teaspoon of filling, so I used my upturned pint glass to cut the rounds.


I had planned on making three flavours, well in advance of the posting date! But as I was caught short a few days out, I decided to scrap the vegetarian mushroom filling, as an extra run to the shops at this stage would not have been helpful! I stuck with my original plan of:

Dumpling #1: pork mince, diced apple, caramalized leek, ground ginger powder, ground garlic powder, oregano, dark soy, honey, bbq sauce, diced celery, chinese five spice powder

Dumpling #2: finely chopped green prawns, cooked cooled and mashed sweet potato, caramalized leek, sesame oil, chinese rice wine, oyster sauce, small portion pork mince (1/4 of amount of prawns), diced water chestnuts, salt

I didn’t really measure the ingredients. I was in a hurry to get it mixed and cooked, as the many dumplings that the recipe made could not be frozen for later, due to a shopping error of buying already pre frozen mince and prawns! Admittedly I was a little worried when the prawn mix smelt down right awful, really strongly of the wine and sauces used for flavouring, but maybe the potatoe sucked it all up, as once cooked they were lovely.

pleating on the edge

pleating on the edge

I proceeded to mix, then rolled and crimped the dough dumplings (very poorly, luckily it didn’t impact on taste!). I cooked them for dinner in the fry pan, geting a nice brown crunch underneath, and poached dumpling on top. I had them with soy sauce, lime and caster sugar sauce. Mum thought they were excellent, but preferred the pork dumplings. They must have went better with the pea and ham soup we had to start 🙂

fried bottoms

fried bottoms

There’s also a few pics of the cake for my friend Sarah’s birthday (which luckily I didn’t make late, haha!). She loves black forrest cake, so I got a recipe of a good one. It didn’t survive the car trip intact, there were some mouse seeping issues, but it faired much better than it would have, as the mouse custard already had extra cream whipped in to help stabilize it and make it pipable. Sometimes not having a candy thermometer is a real hastle. This time I can’t have cooked the mouse custard long enough for it to set up properly, but I was very frightened of curdling it, and wasting all those rich ingredients, like I’d done a week before in an attempt to make gelato from some leftover egg yolks and cream.  Thre’s the delicious result all the same 🙂 

Lovely layers...Mmmm, chocolate mouse, chocolate mouse :)

Lovely layers...Mmmm, chocolate mouse, chocolate mouse 🙂


One Response to D.d.d.delayed Dumplings

  1. Nicole says:

    Wontons are like the ultimate comfort food… these look so good!

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