Arrrgh sleep!

Ugh! Do you ever feel that your body is unwittingly sabotaging you? I am 2 hours from the begining of my second night shift, and although I think I need sleep, and although I have been laying down in a darkened room (well as dark as a room can get in the middle of a sunny day) for the past 2 1/2 hours, I really don’t think I’ve achieved any more than a 15 minute light snooze. A cat nap is not enough to support the full night that draws out in front people! I even went for a walk and did something constructive, so I wouldn’t feel that me sleeping was a waste of time, and be put off by the guilt. Even so I couldn’t sleep. My dog jumping up and down all over the bed, and a visit from the neighbours, who stayed for a long chat didn’t help either.

And yes, my something constructive did happen to be baking…but it was all in a good cause. I shall be meeting my Heavily Pregnant friend Christine tomorrow at a local coffee shop (thank God, it looks like I’ll need it) and she really loves a good fudgy brownie. Christine’s due to go into hospital as soon as next week to have her second baby boy 🙂 I used to work with Chris, but since changing jobs, haven’t seen her that often to catch up. But seeing as she’s taking a year off for full time mum duties, I should see her a bit more. I’ll be able to tell her a bit about my work, seeing as last night we had a call to an 11 month old patient.

The little girl had had a bit of a drowning accident in the bath tub. It all ended well in that the little bub was breathing, then managed a few good cries and to start eyeballing me and giving a few reflex responses by the time we got to hospital. The mum only went to the toilet for a second, which although it’s not a good idea and I don’t have any of my own kid experience, I’m sure a lot have people have done, and nothings happened. Anyhow, it seemed to give everyone a good fright all round, so I’m sure it will be kid gloves for the kid from now on. Hopefully we won’t have any dramatics with kiddies tonight, thankfully serious peadiatric jobs are a bit fewer between than injuries and illness where adults are concerned, probably because adults are able to self inflict a lot of the conditons they find themselves in. Not always, but you’d be surprised how much people ignore advice and forewarning.

Well I’ll leave a pic of the brownies for you. They’re actually brownies and blondie, as I’d never tried blondies before, so I halved two recipes. The dark brownies aren’t as squigy as I’d liked them to have been, maybe due to my inadequate halving of the recipe? Who knows. Still chocolate, sugar and butter…can’t be all bad right 🙂

miffy ready to launch...will the brownie survive???

miffy ready to launch...will the brownie survive???


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