One of those nights

Guess how I spent my time at work last night? It started off with an early call = no dinner for us. From then we were out most of the night till 3:30am. Were we out on the streets, busy busy busy, being of service to the community, and dealing with interesting cases, grabbing a bite to eat as we went?

No….and why…???? Well that would be because we were ramped at hospital, with our patient, and 4 other patients and crews….for FOUR HOURS….FOUR HOURS????? The longest I’d been ramped with a patient before then is 2, and that felt like forever. So we wer stuck with no dinner, disgruntled patients on our stretchers, waiting for someone to leave ED to make room for one of our incoming. And what is with there being no milo in the tea room? There is only so many cups of coffee you can reasonably stand in a night shift, especially if you hope to get any down time at all, not to mention the quazi-food role that milo plays for many of us up late on the job at night.

So I am going to spend a decent lot of today sleeping, after being kept away very long, while doing mostly nothing!



3 Responses to One of those nights

  1. Busy day it seems – I just love the vivid green soup you made and the gnocchi looks perfect, I read a few of your posts. Perth! I used to live there a long time ago in Darlington in the Hills I missed it so much and was homesick for a long time but I’m a Sydneysider now. Cheers from Audax

    • moniqueo says:

      Wow Audax, great to see you visited my blog. Very new and empty as it is. I am a great admirer of your work in the kitchen, and wow are you quick with challenges. It’s nice to know you were a sandgroper in a former life. I live near the hills also, but more to the East. Beautiful here and by the beach. Do let me know if you visit.

  2. Thanks for the nice comments – yes I found your blog site on my history list and I will visit again on posting day. Cheers

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