Super healthy, Super green

Back at work for another week, it’s always a dilemma what to plan for lunch. Will I be back at base to eat my packed lunch anyway? Or will I be having a greasy drive thru, or a chocolatey, quite unapologetically unhealthy servo special? Take away coffees on the job I like…take away heart attack in a bag??? not so much.

corn muffin and super healthy soup

corn muffin and super healthy soup

Last night I made this soup to have as a tiny cup of soup entree with our prawn burrito’s (yum šŸ™‚ ). I made it from a recipe adapted from The Wednesday Chef, mainly due to the fact I couldn’t find young garlic, and used some very old garlic (really, it was turning grey and thick skinned, I’m ashamed to have used it) and someĀ sliced spring onions instead. I also used up all the whey that was produced from making ricotta, in place of the stock. The only other ingredient really isĀ english spinach. So I thought…hey, that’s got to be incredibly healthy for me. I expected it to haveĀ someĀ flavour, but beĀ more on the boring bland healthy side. Not true at all. This was a lovely lively and exciting shade of green soup, and whether it was the ricotta whey or just the flavours of the garlic and spinach, it was lovely, slightly earthy (but I swear I washed all the grit off the spinach) and warming. It wasn’t overly powerful in the garlic, like I kind of expected, it didn’t even have that too fresh taste. It was still a bright green, even thought it was heated to a comforting steamy warm bowl the next day.

I prettied it up for the photo with some greek yogurt that I tinted purple with some slow roasted and mashed beetroot, yummo, and then added some crumbled feta also, but really it is best on it’s own, and lovely at that. Just have a nice little corn muffin on hand to dip into the soup.

spinach with beetroot blobs

spinach with beetroot blobs

Oh, just one tip, The Wednesday Chef warned of blending the soup, to not overfill the blender or it will explode…well I didn’t, and it did…all over the kitchen walls, bench and floor, which I had just cleaned and mopped! (if you knew how infrequently this was done, you would be very sympathetic right now) So I suggest using a stick mixer instead, unless you want a new paint job.

Young garlic and spinach soup (adapted from The Wednesday Chef)

1 bunchĀ spring onions

1 tbsp butter 1 tbsp olive oil

3-4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced

1 bunch fresh english spinach

1 litre vegie stock

salt and pepper

Saute garlic and spring onions in butter and oil in a saucepan big enough to hold the finished soup. Saute until translucent and soft. Clean and rinse the spinach, and trim leaves from stems (or this will tangle rough your blender/mixer at the end). Add stock to the garlic mix, bring to the boil, then lower heat and simmer 10 minutes. Add spinach and stir once, turn off the heat and cover for 5 minutes. Remove from saucepan and blend in batches until smooth and green. Season with salt and pepper and rewarm to serve. Mmm MMmmm šŸ™‚


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