Fancy ear gear

Ah, there’s nothing like finishing a nightshift and knowing you have four days of freedom ahead of you. If it weren’t for the drunks of Perth I would have had a solid nights sleep as well 🙂

So over the past few day’s I’ve been working, the nurses round some of the hospitals have been sporting these groovy looking stethoscopes. Sort of like a flattened snow dome, but without the snow. The one I eyeballed had a pic of a watermelon on it and green tubing. So I got the web details and had a look at some of the designs on line. I really was hoping for more designs to choose from, but I’m quite liking the Rainbow:






They’re a bit expensive, but I think I might like to buy myself one as a treat, and also one of the perks of being an ambo is that your equipment purchase is tax deductable 🙂 Now I’ll have to think about some shopping for dinner tonight, and a walk for my dog miffy, if she’s not being too much of a minger.

Check out the steths at:


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